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Our commission offer for you is based on a sensible and fair deal which honours performance and allows us to concentrate on keeping your players happy. Following are our main traits:


  • Lifetime partnership, helping you earn on referred players for a lifetime
  • Dependable & fast monthly payouts 
  • Unique affiliate marketing materials, incl. Banner Ads, Ticker Ads, Links and e-Mailers
  • Up to date technology with S2S tracking
  • Unique Landing Pages
  • 24/7 affiliate support team and experienced affiliate managers
  • No negative balance carry-over
  • Player support around the clock 
  • And much more!

    The following chart gives you an overview your potential earning:


Revenue Scale

Revenue Share

Sub-Affiliate Commission

Net-Revenue Share

€ 0,00 - € 15.000,00   

€ 15.000,01 - € 30.000,00   

 above   € 30.000,01