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Here is May's new game...

Suit Em' Up Blackjack 

This is not just your ordinary get closer to 21 than the dealer type game. Here you can bet that the first 2 cards dealt are suited. The Suit 'Em Up™ bonus is paid when the player first two cards are suited. If the player's first two cards are not of the same suit, the Suit 'Em Up™ wager is collected; otherwise, the player is eligible for the single highest pay-out.


Suit 'Em Up™ Bet Payout Table

Suited Aces 60 to 1

Suited Blackjack 10 to 1

Suited Pair 5 to 1

Suited Eleven 3 to 1

Any Other Suited 2 to 1

This game is now available on all platforms, download, and instant-play & mobile.

You will find a number of different screen-shots in the Media Library if you look under Group: "Game Screenshots". 


Twitter & SEO

Having an active Twitter account has become more important since Twitter not only started indexing their historic public Tweets but also entered into an agreement with Google which is believed to be about Twitter updates being integrated in search results in "real time". This could happen as soon as this month if you read an answer given by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in their Q1 Results Q&A session


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